Supernova Run - The Kelpies

Join Team Bliss for a Supernova Run at the Kelpies in the lead up to World Prematurity Day.

Supernova Run is a series timed 5k runs with a twist - they are held at the iconic Helix Park and Kelpies Hub at night. It is a fully inclusive event for all ages and abilities - runners can decide their own speed. A quality running event with a relaxed feel taking you on an enchanting journey of light and sound.

There are 3 events taking place the weekend before World Prematurity Day

Friday 9th November - 8 p.m.

Saturday 10th November - 7 p.m. - entries for this event now closed

Sunday 11th November - 5 p.m.

Date:  Friday 9th November, 2018 – Sunday 11th November, 2018

Time:  Evening

Location:  Helix Park, Falkirk

Registration fee:  £10

Fundraising pledge:  Raise as much as you can!

Registration deadline:  Tuesday 6th November, 2018

Kelpies Helix Park Map