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Breast massage

Note: The information featured on this page is currently under review, and will be updated in due course. Please ensure that you speak with your health care professional about any queries you may have about the issues covered here.

Gentle breast massage
Breast massage before and during expressing can also help to drain your breasts. This gentle action will trigger the milk ejection reflex, stimulating your milk flow. Expressing some milk by hand before using a breast pump may also help.

Breast compression (deep breast massage)

  1. Hold your breast pump with one hand.
  2. Hold the breast with the other hand, thumb on one side of the breast, finger on the other side, fairly far back from the nipple.
  3. Do not roll your finger along the breast, just squeeze.
  4. Do not squeeze so hard that it hurts and try not to change the shape of the nipple area (areola).
  5. When the milk stops flowing, release the squeeze and wait for a short time before compressing the breast again.

Helpful hint
You may find that one breast produces more milk, or that one breast flows faster. This is perfectly normal and means that your baby might latch onto one breast for longer when feeding.


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