Bliss Little Lights thank you gifts

2 Adults, young child and 2 toddlers in a twin buggy wrapped up warm in darkness

We can't thank you enough for raising money to help support babies born premature or sick.

However, we can show our appreciation to our Little Lights fundraisers with some special thank you gifts.

These special gifts are a little token of our appreciation on behalf of the 100,000 babies born premature or sick each year.

  • Raise £300 or more and receive a Bliss wristband, candle tin and my first Bliss bear.

Gifts can only be sent to fundraisers who have raised and sent their money in under their own name. We recommend every fundraiser sets up their own fundraising page.

How can I receive one of these gifts?

It's easy! Raise money for premature and sick babies through taking part in a Bliss Little Lights walk.
Take part in Bliss Little Lights

Set up your JustGiving page

However you decide to light up the night, please take a few moments to create your JustGiving page. Click the image below to set up your fundraiser today.