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Bliss Buddy scheme

The Bliss Buddy scheme is a peer service for families of babies who have been, or are in, neonatal care. Parents who may need a bit of extra support are matched with other parents who have previously been through the experience of having a baby in special care. Although each parent’s experience is unique, feedback suggests that peer support of this type can offer a great deal of benefit.

Who are Bliss Buddies?

Bliss Buddies are parent volunteers who have experienced first-hand the challenges of having a premature or sick baby, and are willing to offer their time to support other parents. They can provide a personal rather than a professional understanding of your experience. All Buddies have been carefully selected and trained for this role.

What can you expect from a Bliss Buddy?

A Buddy provides a listening ear and emotional support. The methods of support include phone, email and text, and, in some parts of the country, face-to-face support. For many parents, one phone call will provide the support they need, but you are welcome to keep in touch with your Buddy for up to three months from the time of your first contact.

When can I request a Buddy?

You can ask for a Buddy whenever suits you. Some parents find once they are discharged home with their baby, they can start to feel isolated or anxious. Support is available whenever you need it.

Are your conversations with your Bliss Buddy confidential?

Your conversations are confidential as long as the Buddy believes that nothing you say indicates a risk of harm to yourself or to someone else. Where confidentiality needs to be breached, the Buddy will contact a member of the Bliss staff team to discuss your situation. You might need support that is different from the support that a Buddy can provide.

Can you change your Bliss Buddy if you’re not happy?

To ensure maximum benefit to you, we want you to have a positive relationship with your Buddy. If you feel that you are not receiving the support you need, we would encourage you to get in touch with us so that we can try to find you a different Buddy.

What happens at the end of my Buddy relationship?

We will give you a short survey to complete at the end of the service. Your feedback will help strengthen our service to parents.

How can I get support from a Bliss Buddy?

All you need to do is to phone the Bliss Helpline on or email A helpline volunteer will provide a listening ear and take some details to match you with a Buddy within a few days.


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