50 Miles Dog Walk in August - FAQs

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These are the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about our 50 Miles Dog Walk in August challenge.

When does the challenge start and finish?

It begins on Monday 1 August and ends on Wednesday 31 August.

Is there a registration fee?

No. It is free to register, we just ask that you raise as much as you can.

Our packs are free of charge to our 50 Miles Dog Walk in August fundraisers - but they do cost our charity money to produce and send out.

How do I register to take part?

Join the 50 Miles Dog Walk in August Facebook group and follow the links to sign up to the challenge and create your Facebook fundraiser!

I’ve signed up – what next?

Follow the instructions in the Facebook Group to register for your your free t-shirt and kilometre tracker sheet. Make sure you’ve set up your Facebook Fundraiser, and start telling your friends and family all about the 50 Miles Dog Walking in August challenge!

How do I get my t-shirt?

T-shirt packs will be sent out in batches throughout July. Please complete the t-shirt registration form and set up your fundraiser page by 18 July for the best chance of your t-shirt pack arriving for the first day of the challenge.

Packs typically arrive within 10 days after registering and are sent via standard Royal Mail delivery.

My family want to do the challenge with me, can they have t-shirts?

That’s great! If they’re fundraising too, simply ask them to complete the registration form, set up their Facebook fundraiser and we will send them their t-shirt, tracker sheet and sponsorship form. If they're not fundraising and just taking on the challenge with you, we ask that you purchase t-shirts from the Bliss Shop.

Please note that Facebook fundraisers can only be set up by people aged 18 or over.

“Do it! If I can do it, anyone can. It feels so good to do something to give back to such an amazing cause.”

-Jog 100k in May 2021 participant

How do I keep track of my dog walks and share my progress?

You can use the Bliss tracker sheet to track your miles throughout the month! This will be sent to you with your t-shirt, or you can download a copy. There are a number of free apps that you can download onto your smart phone that can help you track how far you've been walking.

We also recommend spreading your miles out evenly over the month. If you walk just over 1.5 miles a day you'll easily hit your target.

We have some milestone badges you can use to share your progress on social media and your Facebook fundraiser.

What if there's really hot weather in August?

We know dogs need exercise, even when it's hot, but we recommend walking your dog in the morning or evening when it's cooler to reduce the risk of heatstroke and burning their paws on the pavement. Of course, if it's too hot for paws, you can always walk with a friend or some family.

Here is some guidance from the RSPCA with lots of helpful advice on how to deal with the unpredictable British summer.

We also recommend all humans and dogs taking part stay well hydrated.

And always have a raincoat on hand and wear sunscreen. Remember, you can still get sunburn even if it's cloudy!

Can I adapt this challenge to suit my needs?

Yes, of course! You can complete the 50 miles in any way you’d like.

You can adapt the challenge any way you need to - lots of people reduce or increase the miles they aim for.

Do I need to provide evidence that I have completed the challenge?

No – we trust you! But it’s a great idea to keep everyone updated on your progress by posting updates and pictures on your fundraiser. You can also use our milestone badges to share your progress.

How do I get the dog bandana?

A bandana will be sent to you once you have £50 on your Facebook fundraiser page.

“It didn’t feel like just doing a fundraiser, it felt like being part of a community. We were undertaking the challenge together and being Bliss parents, we know how to rise to a challenge!"

-Walk 60 Miles in August 2021 participant

I don’t use Facebook, can I still take part in this challenge?

Yes. Contact us at events@bliss.org.uk if you would like a T-shirt & tracker pack. We recommend using a JustGiving page if you are not able to use Facebook.

What is a Facebook fundraiser?

A fundraising page which is hosted on Facebook and connected to your profile, which makes it really easy for you to share with all your friends. You can set one up with on Facebook, it’s really quick and simple!

How do I share my fundraiser with my Facebook friends?

When you set up your page, Facebook will post an update on your news feed to let all your friends know about your fundraiser. You can also invite your Facebook friends to join your fundraiser page. We recommend posting updates about your progress on your own fundraiser page so your friends know how you are getting on with your challenge.

When will my Facebook fundraiser close?

If you use the link we have provided, your fundraiser will close on the 12 September, but you can extend this to 30 September if you wish.

What if people don’t want to donate to my Facebook fundraiser?

Don't worry - there are other ways to collect their donations. We simply recommend Facebook fundraisers for this challenge as they’re easy and hassle-free, but you can download one of our Bliss sponsorship forms to use if you prefer to collect donations in person or you can set up a JustGiving page.

My friend accidentally donated to my Facebook fundraiser, can you give them a refund?

Unfortunately we can’t issue refunds - Facebook must do this. People can request a refund themselves from Facebook by following the below steps:

Send them this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/162031714239823

  1. Select — I donated to a fundraiser on Facebook
  2. Select — I want a refund for my donation(s)
  3. Select — I made a donation by accident. Find their donation in the dropdown and request the refund.

Some friends have given me cash, how do I pay this money into Bliss?

The easiest way is to donate it directly to your Facebook fundraiser (or JustGiving page).

If you have received money after your Facebook fundraiser has ended, please pay this money through our website.

Please make sure you say that it is sponsorship money from an event, and use the name and e-mail address that you registered with.

Any other questions?

Please do ask on the Facebook group or contact the Bliss Events team by e-mail.