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Where your money goes

Thanks to our generous supporters, we have made some significant achievements in recent years. Here are some examples of how you have helped babies born prematurely or sick and their families.

Improving care in neonatal units across the UK

  • Our Bliss Nurses offer practical and emotional support to overwhelmed parents. We aim to have one Bliss Nurse for every area of the UK by 2020
  • Bliss supports over £7.5 million of innovative research projects that have helped save vulnerable babies’ lives, improve their long term quality of life and raised standards of care
  • We’ve been instrumental in bringing about improvements to the care families receive whilst their baby is in hospital, with our Bliss Baby Charter Standards now being widely adopted in neonatal units across the UK
  • We are providing over £250,000 in Bliss Baby Charter Grants over a two year period to support hospital improvements to family-friendly facilities (in partnership with True Colours Trust, a charity that supports disabled and terminally ill children).

 Supporting families along their journey

  • Bliss runs the only national support service for families coping with a baby who is or has been in neonatal care. Support is offered through our wonderful volunteers, local groups, online, or via our helpline
  • Thanks to our supporters we’ve been able to meet the growing demand for parent support literature ranging from information about what happens when your baby is admitted to the neonatal unit, to guidance on weaning and breastfeeding and lots more. This year we’ve distributed over 200,000 printed and online copies
  • Our recent campaigning saw the government publish new advice on the admission of summer born children, advising greater flexibility over school start dates for children who were born prematurely.

We rely on the generous support of our donors to continue to fund our vital work. Please make a donation today to help babies born early or sick and their families.


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