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What we do

Bliss Scotland is there for premature and sick babies to ensure they get the care they deserve. We make a difference by:

Empowering families

Evidence shows that babies are more likely to thrive when their families are fully involved in their hospital care. Bliss Scotland empowers families with the information and support they need to provide hands-on care and make decisions about their baby.

Influencing policy and practice

Babies deserve the highest quality hospital care, however long they live or however long they spend in hospital. Bliss Scotland works with doctors and nurses to improve care for babies and campaigns within government and NHS Scotland for investment and better standards for babies.

Enabling life-changing research

Research has the power to change the lives of babies born premature or sick, giving them the best chance of survival and quality of life. Bliss Scotland supports vital neonatal research to make positive changes to the lives of babies now and for generations to come.

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