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The future of fundraising begins with Bliss

Bliss has had the amazing opportunity to work with Wooshping to create a new piece of fundraising technology. Bliss is Wooshping’s first charity partner to launch the ‘Instant Fundraising Wristbands’, which have started to be distributed to fundraisers recently. The creation of this piece of equipment has been seen as a move that brings the future of fundraising today.

‘Instant Fundraising Wristbands’ are brand new and enable fundraisers to receive sponsors quickly and easily. The wristbands are durable, waterproof and contain a Near Field Communication chip. A QR code is printed onto the wristband which people can scan through a mobile phone device that directs them to a fundraising page. This allows instant donations to be received and helps fundraisers to reach their targets for their fundraising projects.

It’s so exciting that Bliss has been given the opportunity and we are thrilled that we are the first charity to be able to use the wristbands. The wristbands could be a huge hit for Bliss, enabling us to provide more assistance to babies born too soon, too small or too sick.

Alaric Shorter, Bliss Events Manager said “The ‘Instant Fundraising Wristbands’ are a fantastic idea and a real fundraising innovation which literally taps into the rise in the mobile market. They make it that much easier for fundraisers to secure sponsorship and donations from their friends, families and colleagues right then and there at the moment of asking.”

If you are fundraising for Bliss and would like to receive an instant fundraising wristband then contact


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