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Publications for health professionals

We aim to send out smaller orders (five items or less) within a few days. We send out larger orders every two months as part of a bulk dispatch to neonatal units.  Our next bulk despatch will take place in June 2016. Some of the information booklets are available to order as printed publications from our shop

Please note that at present we are only able to accept online orders for up to five items.

Bliss Family Friendly Accreditation Scheme (BFFAS) booklet 

The Bliss Family Friendly Accreditation Scheme (BFFAS) recognises and rewards neonatal units across the country for delivering consistent high quality family-centred care. This booklet is a support tool for the accreditation process. 


Bliss Baby Charter

The Bliss Baby Charter includes seven standards which aim to set out best practices for neonatal units. 


Bliss Baby Charter audit tool

This booklet is to assist unit staff in assessing how well they are delivering against the standards outlined in the Charter‘s seven principles. If you would like an editable copy, please contact Reanna Watts at or call 020 7378 1122. 


Bliss general leaflet

A5, 6pp 2011. General leaflet outline of how Bliss helps sick and premature babies by supporting parents and families, campaigning for improvements in neonatal care and promoting new developments and innovations in care. It also gives details of how you can support Bliss. Visit the shop to order a printed copy. 


Community Health Professionals Information Guide (CPIG)

132-page guide for health visitors and community professionals. Tailored directly to the information needs of community health professionals. Content includes parent stories, a community liaison case study, practical tips, and a discharge checklist. Visit the shop to order a printed copy, or view or download it below.


What to do if your baby stops breathing - resuscitation video

Bliss partnered with NHS Ayrshire and Arran to produce this video, to help parents identify if their baby has stopped breathing and how to resuscitate them. You can also view the video on YouTube here:

POPPY – Family centred care in neonatal units

A summary of research results and recommendations from the POPPY project. This report highlights a range of good practices in neonatal units. It calls for all units to review and update their current provision and take steps to provide comprehensive family-centred care. The report also includes a good practice checklist for units.


“You said… we did” – meeting the promise of measuring parents’ experience of neonatal care

This report highlights the need for neonatal units and networks across the country to pay particular attention to how parents’ experience and perspective is gathered and used to inform service planning and delivery. It draws on information from a national survey and consultation carried out by Bliss.


Bliss Briefings
Bliss Briefings contain information on some of the latest research happening in neonatal care. To see more about how Bliss supports research click here.

The Standardised Concentrated Added Macronutrients Parenteral (SCAMP) nutrition study

Discussion paper on the use of Breast Milk Fortifiers in the Feeding of Preterm Infants
Caroline King and Sue Bell


Discussion paper on the research findings of the lived experiences of first time fathers with a preterm infant in a neonatal intensive care unit
Dr Liz Crathern


Understanding and Supporting Preterm Breastfeeding as Optimum Nutrition


Listening to Parents after Stillbirth or death of their baby after birth



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