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#PrematurityIs – our 2017 message

Mum with her baby on the neonatal unit

#PrematurityIs much more than being born too soon

At Bliss, we are only too aware of what prematurity can mean for babies and families. That’s why we want to raise awareness of the impact of having a premature baby this World Prematurity Day.

We need more people to know about the hurdles babies and parents face, and overcome, every single day. That is why we are sharing what #PrematurityIs and what it really means for babies when they are born too soon.

But World Prematurity Day is our chance to make a difference to premature babies.

On 17 November we want you to join us, and our partners from around the world, in raising awareness of prematurity.

Our goal is to give premature babies the best chance of survival and quality of life by asking you to take action on their behalf.

Share what #PrematurityIs to you!

Make a difference this World Prematurity Day, 17 November, and help us raise awareness of prematurity by sharing what #PrematurityIs to you on social media.

Whether you are a parent, family member, healthcare professional, researcher, campaigner, someone who was born prematurely, or someone who has been touched by the needs of premature babies, we want to know what #PrematurityIs to you.

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You can also get involved with World Prematurity Day 2017 for Bliss by donating, taking part in a Little Lights Walk, or holding your own event.


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