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MP debate on parking costs

Important step forwards in making hospital car parking fees fairer for parents with a baby in neonatal care.

Tackling unfair hospital car parking charges is one of the key aims of our It’s not a game campaign, and in August 2014 this aim was addressed by MPs during a debate in Parliament. 

Bliss was mentioned throughout the debate, some of the key moments being:

  • Jackie Doyle-Price MP, who brought the debate to the House of Commons, emphasised Bliss research which showed parents with a baby in neonatal care were paying an average of £32 a week just on parking.
  • Robert Halfon MP spoke of how parking costs affect the ability of parents to spend invaluable time with their baby in hospital.
  • Tim Loughton MP highlighted the ‘treble whammy’ of travel, parking and accommodation costs which parents face while their baby is in neonatal care was also highlighted by MPs.
  • Hospitals were urged to simplify the process of accessing free parking or reduced permits.
  • In light of the Government advice issued on hospital car parking, also in August 2014, MPs highlighted the importance of making sure Trusts implement it.

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You can watch the full debate here:


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