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Stories and features

Stories and features about babies born premature or sick, their families and the health professionals who care for them.

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Kalisha Patel
16 February 2018

Gina's story

Oliver in his cot at one week old

At 32 weeks Gina's waters broke suddenly, and with little time, her husband had to deliver their baby, Oliver, at home. Gina talks about her time on the neonatal unit, and how much the staff supported her to care for her baby. Read More

Kalisha Patel
09 February 2018

Emily's story

Laura had a difficult pregnancy with her twins, and gave birth to them at 33 weeks after showing signs of pre-eclampsia. Read her story here. Read More

Kalisha Patel
02 February 2018

Laura's story

Laura came to the hospital after feeling reduced movement from her baby at 36+6 weeks. She was in shock when she told she would need an emergency c-section right away, and gave birth to her daughter Ella. Read her journey through neonatal care here. Read More

Kalisha Patel
26 January 2018

Vicky's story

Vicky knew something was wrong when she began experiencing severe nausea during her pregnancy. At the hospital she was diagnosed with severe onset pre-eclampsia, and an emergency c-section at 33 weeks. Read her story here. Read More

Kalisha Patel
12 January 2018

Laura's story

Lauras baby in NICU

During Laura's pregnancy she found her daughter wasn't growing enough, and at 34 weeks she had an emergency c-section - only to find out her baby was actually a boy! Read her story here Read More

Kalisha Patel
05 January 2018

Alexandra's story

Bradley in neonatal care

At 29 weeks Alexandra was rushed for an emergency c-section and her son Bradley had to be resuscitated. Here she tells us what it felt like to have a baby in neonatal care, and how it affected her mental health. Read More