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What is World Prematurity Day?

World Prematurity Day, is a global movement to raise awareness of premature birth and the sometimes devastating impact it can have on families. On 17 November, Bliss comes together with partners from around the world to talk about premature birth in our countries and take action on behalf of the 15 million babies born early every year.

In the UK

For World Prematurity Day 2016, Bliss focused on the need for high quality, family-centred care for all premature babies.

There is strong evidence to show that family-centred care improves babies chances of a healthier future, but sadly, this type of care is not supported or available in all neonatal units around the UK. This means that some premature babies are not getting the standard of care they desperately need, when their survival and future quality of life depends on it.

During our 2016 campaign we created a video about family-centred care, campaigned for more accomodation so that the families of poorly babies can stay by their side and be involved in their care, and we launched an appeal to fund this vital work. Other activities included our annual Bliss little lights walk and lighting up buildings across the UK purple. 


Around the world, 15 million babies are born prematurely every year and one million of these will not survive. Sadly, prematurity is the leading cause of death in children under five.

World Prematurity Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of premature birth and work with partners around the world to prevent it.

Bliss is a member of the World Prematurity Network (WPN), whose members include March of Dimes, EFCNI, LittlebigSouls International Foundation, National Premmie Foundation, Borngreat Foundation, Con Amor Venceras, and the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation.

Find out about our combined effort for World Prematurity Day here.

Care for premature babies around the world