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Neonatal care statistics

The following pages contain detailed statistics about neonatal care and neonatal mortality.

Matt Keegan
25 September 2017

Statistics about neonatal care

A nurse caring for a baby in an incubator

Find out statistics about neonatal care, including how many babies are admitted to neonatal care each year and how long a baby typically spends on a neonatal unit. Read More

Matt Keegan
29 August 2017

Prematurity statistics in the UK

Premature baby holding mums finger

View our statistics on the number of babies born premature in the UK and some information about the long term outcomes for these babies. Read More

Mehali Patel
25 August 2017

Statistics for babies admitted to neonatal units at full term

term baby

Statistics about babies who are born after 37 weeks of pregnancy and the reason why they received neonatal care Read More

Mehali Patel
25 August 2017

The global picture

Image of the globe

View global statistics for prematurity and neonatal mortality. Read More