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Research has the potential to save lives and to improve the quality of life for premature and sick babies for generations to come. Our aim is to make the biggest difference to the lives of babies by carefully identifying and funding research projects and collaborating with others to support large-scale projects.

Research can develop a new set of treatments that can reach a generation and make a positive impact on an endless number of lives.

We are currently supporting £10.1 million of research in neonatal care. See how we support research and some of our current work

Mehali Patel
01 December 2017

Research funding

Find out more about our financial support for research. Read More

Eileen Irvin
19 January 2018

How Bliss supports research

Find out how Bliss can support you and your research. Read More

Eileen Irvin
01 July 2016

Priority Setting Partnership

The Preterm Birth Priority Setting Partnership is a research partnership established to allow clinicians, service users and carers to help prioritise research into the area of preterm birth. Read More

Eileen Irvin
24 January 2018

Current research

Bliss is currently involved in £10.1 million of neonatal research. Find out more about individual projects here. Read More

Mehali Patel
10 February 2017


Find out more about what our research has achieved Read More