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Our donor promise

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When you consider making a gift to Bliss, we undertake that:

All communications surrounding it will be honest, truthful and will comply with the law

  • We will always consider meeting your wishes as a donor and will be transparent in all our dealings with you

Your right to privacy will be respected and you will not be subjected to any form of pressure

  • Your needs for, and right to, confidentiality at all times will be respected
  • We will comply with the law relating to fundraising and the use of personal data as outlined by the Data Protection Act (1998)

Your gift will be:

  • applied to the purpose for which it was originally requested
  • used in a way that preserves the dignity of the beneficiary
  • handled responsibly and to the greatest advantage of the beneficiary

We will strive to achieve the highest professional standards at all times

We will respond to any concerns you have relating to these points

We will be aware at all times of Bliss’ commitment to equal opportunities and diversity. 

Our complaints procedure - how to raise your concerns

Where your concern/complaint relates to fundraising activity conducted by Bliss you should contact our fundraising department directly by either telephoning 020 7378 4766 or emailing

If you are not satisfied with the response then you may follow more formal steps outlined in Bliss' complaints procedure.

If this process does not address your concerns relating to our fundraising, then you are entitled to contact the Institute of Fundraising outlining your case.

Where your concern relates to public collections, contact the local authority licensing officer and/or the Metropolitan Police.


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