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Little Bliss parent panel

The Little bliss parent advisory panel – who help shape the content and direction of the only magazine for families of special care babies – is recruiting new members for the coming year.

If you are interested in applying to join the panel there is more information about the role below.

Please ensure you have read the Terms of Reference so you’re familiar with the responsibilities of each panel member.

Why does Little Bliss have a parent panel?

Bliss informally consults parents on a regular basis about a wide range of issues and activities, whether it’s feeding back on new publications we are producing for parents, responding to government consultations, or feeding parent suggestions as to the family support services Bliss ought to be running.

The Little Bliss parent panel is a group of parents who meet twice a year over tea and sandwiches to talk about the latest issues and to offer suggestions and advice on how best to improve the magazine. Between us, we brainstorm new feature ideas and content issues as well as feedback on any general design and distribution updates.

These panel meetings are essential for the continued growth and development of Little bliss and always throw up interesting new ideas.

Every panel member is expected to attend at least one meeting per year.

Who is on the panel?

The Little bliss parent panel is not made up of a fixed group of people, but members tend to be people with experience of having a premature or sick baby – from mums and dads, to aunties, uncles and grandparents.

When are the meetings?

The panel meets twice a year at the Bliss office in London. The Little bliss Editor might also seek input from panel members between meetings, and will do this via email, post or telephone.

Will it cost me anything?

Bliss will cover any travel, childcare and subsistence costs incurred to attend meetings, and will provide sandwiches should the meeting take place over the lunch period.

What is the criteria for joining the Little Bliss panel?

The criteria is simple – an interest and experience in the issues affecting parents and families with premature or sick children (the magazine is aimed at those with babies currently on a neonatal unit and those with former-premmies under the age of 5 years old).

Please read the Terms of Reference for more information.

For an informal chat or more information on taking part in the Little Bliss parent panel, please contact Gemma Ellis on 020 7378 1122 or


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