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Leave a gift in your Will

Every day 220 babies born early or sick are admitted to hospital, and one in four of these little ones will need life-saving intensive care. We know that the vital care a premature or sick baby receives after birth can have a profound effect on the rest of their lives.

By working closely with health professionals and supporting vital neonatal research, Bliss is committed to improving the survival rates and long term quality of life for premature and sick babies. Whilst our Bliss Nurses and volunteers provide advice and support for distressed families, helping them to provide the best care for their premature or sick baby.

Our work is almost entirely reliant on the generosity of individuals, and we’re enormously grateful to all of our supporters for having made a huge difference to the lives of millions of babies since we began in 1979.

Sadly with growing numbers of babies born needing specialist hospital care, our work is more crucial than ever before.

Bliss exists to ensure that all babies born too soon, too small or too sick in the UK have the best possible chance of survival and of reaching their full potential. A gift to Bliss in your Will would help to ensure we can continue to help more babies to survive and thrive and to be there for the families who need us. Please consider a gift in your Will to give future generations of babies the best possible start in life.

There are different ways of leaving a gift in your Will

  • A pecuniary legacy is a gift of a fixed sum of money. There is no minimum amount that can be left.
  • A residuary legacy is a gift of the whole or a share of whatever remains of your estate after all other gifts have been distributed to family and friends and any debts are paid off.
  • A specific gift is a tangible item, such as a house, piece of jewellery or car.

Writing your Will

We would advise anyone who wants to make a Will, or amend an existing one, to see a solicitor.

If you have already made a Will, you can still help Bliss by adding a codicil to your Will (an official alteration document). We recommend that you seek legal advice before adding a codicil to your Will.

For more information you can speak confidentially to Rachel Hedley on 020 7378 5740, write to her at Bliss, 2nd Floor, Chapter House, 18-20 Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JW or email


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