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It's not a game in Northern Ireland

Bliss and TinyLife have teamed up to find out more about the extra costs parents of premature and sick babies face in Northern Ireland.

Around 1,900 babies born premature or sick in Northern Ireland each year – Bliss and TinyLife have discovered that parents have to find, on average, £229 for every week their baby is in neonatal care.

As well as this staggering weekly cost we have found:

  • Parents had to find an extra £1,374 over their baby’s entire hospital stay.
  • All units said parents should be able to access free parking, but more than one in four of parents responding to our survey had to pay. For these parents, parking cost them an extra £37 every week.
  • Food and drink costs quickly mounted up for families, costing an average of £65 per week.
  • For those families with older children, childcare cost a staggering £110 per week. This is significantly more than parents in England, Scotland and Wales reported paying.

Read our report now to find out more, and to see what we think the Northern Ireland Executive and NHS need to do, so parents are able to access more practical, financial and emotional support while their baby is in neonatal care.

Keep up-to-date with the campaign in Northern Ireland and across the UK and we will be in touch soon with campaign news and more ways for you to get involved.

You can also get involved right now by emailing your Assembly Members and telling them about the report, and asking them to show their support. 

Email your Assembly Members now!

Campaign news

We launched our findings on World Prematurity Day, 17 November, at a great event at Stormont to an audience of Assembly Members, health care professionals and parents. The speeches were inspirational and many people who attended were keen to show their support to easing the financial burden on parents in Northern Ireland. 


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