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Information and communication

Providing good information to colleagues and families and opening up communication between health professionals and parents, helps to make sure that families can be at the centre of their babies care, and can help them understand what the health professionals are doing.

Here are some ways units around the country are trying to improve this:

Baby diaries

Special care baby unit, Croydon University Hospital
The special care baby unit at Croydon University Hospital are using individual baby diaries as a communication tool to improve communication between parents and neonatal staff about the baby’s well-being and progress. It is also used as a tool to increase parental involvement in their baby’s care.

Please click here to view full case study

You can view the baby diary template here

“You said we did” board

Neonatal unit, Lister Hospital

The team at Lister neonatal unit implemented a “you said we did” board. This board displays parent’s feedback, shows what areas of care they are doing well in and identifies what improvements they have made in response to parents' feedback. All the families and visitors can view both the positive and negative feedback and see what the unit staff are doing to improve care for babies and families on the unit. 

Please click here to view full case study


Many units have been in touch through the Bliss Family Friendly Accreditation Scheme about establishing guidelines for areas including developmental care, positioning, and environment, to ensure all staff are able to offer consistent care across the unit. Please get in touch if you would like to see some examples of what other units have put in place.

For more information about these examples, or to hear about other ways that units are providing information and supporting communication, please get in touch with us at 


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