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Help from charities and other groups

Help from charities and other groups
There are thousands of charities in the UK and some of them give money, equipment or other support to families in need.

Who can claim:

Some charities have a general brief to help families in hard times. Others support particular groups, for example children or people with specific disabilities.

Organisations linked to your work might also help. Many of them have benevolent funds. Think about whether you have links to trade unions, professional associations or the armed services. You might also be eligible if people in your immediate family have a connection. It is also worth thinking about faith groups – your local parish, synagogue, mosque or temple might be able to help.

Where you can find out more:

The organisation Turn2Us can help you find charities and local foundations that donate money to families in times of need. Use their online benefits and charity checkers to help you access any resources quickly and easily.


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