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Going the extra mile

Things have come a long way since Bliss was founded over 35 years ago, but there's still much more to do and we need your help to ensure every baby and every family gets the care and support they need. Going the extra mile by becoming a frontline campaigner is a great way to make a real difference locally, and nationally as well.

Why does Bliss campaign?

Bliss campaigns to improve the care babies receive and the support their families are given. This means we campaign on a range of different issues, from opposing staff and service cuts to making the case for better financial support for parents and greater involvement of parents on the unit.

By joining our growing community of frontline campaigners, you will be able to make a real difference to babies born premature and sick, and their families.

How do I campaign?

To help you get started with your campaigning, we've put together two guides for you to use. One is full of advice and information on how to build a strong relationship with your MP, and build up to a face-to-face meeting with them. The other explains how the NHS is structured, and the ways in which you can campaign directly to your local hospital or Trust to make a difference in your local area.

Become a frontline campaigner

There are lots of ways you can campaign, and you are welcome to do as much or as little as you like – even small contributions can make a massive difference. Many of our frontline campaigners work to build a relationship with their MP and Trust so they can campaign effectively on local issues, as well as national ones. Our regular updates will help direct your campaigning, and we will be here to support your actions.

We will be there to support your campaigning activity every step of the way, and we will come to you if there is an issue we need your support on that is affecting your local area.

To get involved simply click here and fill in the form and we will be in touch to get you started. 

We can’t wait to see the difference you will make.


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