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Starting school

Following campaigning from Bliss and parents, there has been a fantastic breakthrough: The new English School Admissions Code has been released, alongside updated guidance, Advice on the Admission of Summer Born Children. Both of these documents explain to admission authorities why a child's premature birth may be a reason for them to delay their school start, particularly if they have fallen into a different year group to the one they would have been in had they been born term. 

While there is still a long way to go, this is an excellent step in the right direction. You can read more about the changes, and what else we would like to see improved here.

We really want to find out about your experiences of applying to delay your child's school start date, so we can see where Government policies are working and where they need more work. Take this short survey to share your experiences with us.

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Campaign news

Minister for School Reform, Nick Gibb MP, committed to investigating the problem of summer born children missing out on their reception year - and being forced straight into year one - when they start school. This is fantastic news, and follows Bliss' appearance at the Education Select Committee on this issue in March 2015.

We are delighted and we will be following up with the committee to make sure the special needs of premature children born in the summer months will be met.


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