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AFO’s / standing frames

avatar mumfie

Joined 1 Mar 2006
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The physio’s have decided Jonny needs AFO’s to help him to weight bear, wondered if anyone had any experience of them, especially of the hinged ones?

In addition we are desperate to get a new standing frame, currently he has a JENX monkey but he is too tall for it and doesn’t need that much support, our physio claims there is \”nothing else\” out there – which I’m sure is rubbish so am hoping someone here has or knows of something else, Jonny really just needs support around his hips / pelvis when standing.


avatar Rosie Pook

Joined 28 Feb 2006
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hiya claire.

ive had to wear splints for 6 years til i wsa 16 due to my cp. the they helped me a lot but they are hell to wear and accomadate for – no pain no gain i suppose. mine were up to my knee height wise and were velcroed. theytake ages to wear in and you end up with sores by your ankle, feet and, sometimes, just below your knee(due to a sticky tape covering a circular bolt thingy – rubbing below the knee as you walk).

my walking certainly improved as i was a toe walker from 10 and i could put my heel down and they certainly helpto weight ber. how it works in this sense is the splint/afo forces your heel down when(for me) the norm reaction would be for my heel to go up off th ground without me realising and not being able to put it down til i turn round, walk where i then put weight bear on it.

i dunno how long johnny will need one(i doub the physio does either) and i realise this is in the future , and i know johnny wont have this problem and may not need it by such time but i refused to wear skirts with mine. unfortunately splints dont do much for your street cred but if young kids get used to seeing it from a young age they will be more accepting than ig you start wearing it as a teen. i refused to wear mine on pe days. \":lol:\"

overall i hated the splints but realise now – oh hindsight biggrin – its one of the reasons why my walking is so good today.

shops are well what can i say, non understanding when it comes to splints. most dont know what one is for a start and they cant get there head round it because they cant understand why there is usualy a size difference as a result of accomodating the splint – im a size 4 but to accomodate th splint i had to go to a 5. with splints shoes need to be really wide, accesible and preferably velcro(im told woolies are quite good for this with kiddies shoes as a substitute if clarks etc dont have suitableones). i can assure you shoe shopping is the worst about splints. you spend hours looking fir rightfitting shoes. still spend hours round shoe shops searching for ok shoes that fit good with both my feet(5 inmy left and 3 and a half in my right)

sorry for the long post. i dunno if this has helped but heres to Johnnys weightbearing getting better

take care



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