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Family foods

Note: The information featured on this page is currently under review, and will be updated in due course. Please ensure that you speak with your health care professional about any queries you may have about the issues covered here.

Your baby will gradually be able to make a shift from mashed ‘baby foods’ to chopped family foods by around 12 to 18 months.

Choose your child’s foods carefully to avoid giving them too much salt; for example, bacon, cheese and packet and processed foods.

Don’t add salt to cooking water or add any extra once your baby’s food has been cooked and is on the plate. Carry on giving a good variety of foods. This will ensure that your child gets all the nutrients needed to develop and grow well.

Older babies

Older babies and young children may not want a new food the first time they are given it. This doesn’t always mean they don’t like it – they may just be wary of it because it’s new.

Once your child is older, give encouragement when they are eating well or trying new foods, but don’t comment on how much they have eaten. If they leave food, try not to worry about this. Just take the food away without drawing attention to it. Babies and young children are good at eating according to their appetite. If they don’t eat much at one meal, they will often make up for it at a later meal.


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