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Evaluating care and services

Making sure that the care and services you provide are of the best standards requires good evaluation procedures. This can really help units identify what they are doing well, and where they have room to improve.

Here are some ways units around the country and trying to improve their evaluation procedures:

Smiley feedback cards
Neonatal unit, Warwick Hospital

The neonatal unit at Warwick Hospital has developed small cards for parents to feedback on their experience on the unit with space for comments. These are collected monthly and the patient experience office will print out a graph of numbers and send comments round to staff. These results are put on both the parents and staffroom notice boards. This demonstrates the appreciation the parents have for the hard work of the neonatal team but also identifies areas for improvement.

Please click here to view the full case study.

Staff passport
Neonatal unit, Royal Bolton Hospital

The neonatal unit at Royal Bolton has developed a staff passport to ensure consistency across staff in their knowledge of developmental care and their skill level when delivering it. Staff are then assessed against the passport, to ensure that that they are meeting the levels needed, and the team can identify areas where training should be provided.

For more information about these examples, or to hear about other ways that units are evaluating care and services, please get in touch with us at 


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