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Bliss advent calendar day six

Welcome to day six of the Bliss Advent Calendar 2015. We will open a new window each day revealing stories and videos relating to special care babies and the work that Bliss does. Each day is kindly sponsored by a corporate partner, to help raise even more towards improving the outcomes for every baby born premature or sick in the UK.

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‘The nurses told me it would need a miracle for him to survive. Well, I believe in miracles.'

Bliss supporter Nova Smith has recently made the headlines after launching a successful budget tech company, which she came up with while her premature son was being cared for in hospital.

Nova went into premature labour at just 25 weeks gestation while on holiday in Cyprus. She was carrying twins and sadly, her son George was stillborn three days later. Lukas held on for three more weeks and was born weighing 1.5lb: “'He was so tiny my wedding ring fitted around his leg, but the spark in his eyes told me he wanted to live. I flooded him with love, singing to him every day. The nurses told me it would need a miracle for him to survive. Well, I believe in miracles.'

Lukas spent a difficult nine months in hospital in Cyprus, before being flown back to a hospital in the UK for a further year. Whilst she was by Lukas’ bedside Nova would Skype her family on her tablet which she had bought for just £50 from China, which inspired her to start her own budget tablet business.

Her accountant put her in touch with an investor, who put £50,000 into the company. Nova now employs six staff and sells 5,000 tablets a month. On Black Friday last year alone, they made £87,000: “My little tablet’s in the top-ten sellers on Amazon, vying with the likes of Apple. Our margins are so small, that’s why it works.”

For every tablet the company sells, Bliss receives a part of the profit. Nova said: “This is my way of helping other mothers.”

Lukas is now six and attends school. Nova and her husband also have two other children, Nellie eight and Celia, four.

You can buy one of Nova’s tablets at:

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