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Be a Family Group volunteer

Current Vacancies

Bliss is now accepting volunteer applications for Family Group volunteers in Bristol and the surrounding area. All applicants must be able to attend the relevant three day workshop dates below.

The two-part workshop is part of a full learning programme including at home tasks which will give you the knowledge and skills to start your volunteering role with confidence. Learn who Bliss is, what we do and how you can provide inclusive, tailored support to families to make a real difference to their neonatal experience.


  • Located in the centre of town, walkable from Bristol Temple Meads Station.
  • Workshop 1 is on 7 and 8 Feb 2017 10am – 4pm
  • Workshop 2 is on 7 Mar 2017 10am – 4pm

  • Volunteers must attend both workshop 1 and 2

What are Bliss Family Group volunteers?

Bliss Family Groups provide a local network for parents and families of premature and sick babies.

Bliss Family Groups are run by volunteers (often parents, relatives, friends and healthcare professionals) who have had experience of special care and can provide practical and emotional support to families. Each of our groups is run by at least two volunteers (and often more). The groups provide a network for parents and other relatives to socialise, get advice, share information and provide mutual support. Groups will also often undertake fundraising and other activities on behalf of Bliss as part of their programme of events.

Our Family Group team

Family Groups tend to be an informal network of families and friends of premature or sick babies. This will mean that everyone gets involved with shaping the group and agreeing what the group does. We would encourage Family Group volunteers to get all group members actively involved in the group’s development. However, we know that Family Groups work most effectively when there are clear leaders who can facilitate and manage the group’s activities as well as acting as the key point of contact.

We ensure that the contact details of all the named Family Group volunteers are on this website and that these details are shared with parents and healthcare professionals within the local area if they contact us directly. This allows groups to direct people via our site and helps us to help promote the activities of all the Family Groups across the UK.

Who can be a Bliss Family Group volunteer?

Our groups are generally run by at least one volunteer with first-hand experience of having or caring for a premature or sick baby, although they are often joined by other volunteers who are family members, friends or supporters from the local community.

How to apply

If you are interested and can attend the three day workshop, please read the full role descriptioncomplete the application form and diversity monitoring form and email 


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