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Baby transfers

Hopefully your local hospital will be able to care for your baby throughout the duration of his or her stay. However, in the UK, neonatal care is provided at four different levels and your baby may need to be transferred to another unit that has a level of care that is most appropriate to his or her needs at the time.

Transferring your baby to another unit can be very stressful, and you will probably have questions about how the transfer will be done. This section of the website aims to provide you with general information, as guidelines differ from region to region.

If your baby is transferred to a different unit, you can be confident that he or she will be safe during the transfer, and that all units will provide excellent care. Once your baby is stable, and if a cot is available, every effort will be made to transfer your baby back to your local hospital.

You can find more information in our factsheet In utero, sick and premature baby transfers which you can download here

What is an in utero transfer?

How will my baby be transferred?

Q&A about baby transfers


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