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Baby Charter and Audit tool

The Bliss Baby Charter

The Bliss Baby Charter is a practical guide to help hospitals provide the best possible family-centred care for premature and sick babies. This approach places parents at the centre of their baby’s care. The Charter contains seven core principles which summarize the care, respect and support that vulnerable babies and their parents should receive.

For more details on these principles, see the Bliss Baby Charter Standards.

The Bliss Baby Charter Audit tool

The Audit Tool allows hospitals to assess the quality of family-centred care they provide and identify areas for improvement.

The Audit Tool is designed to assist hospital staff in assessing how well they are delivering against the standards outlined in the Charter’s seven principles of care.

Hospitals caring for premature and sick babies are encouraged to complete the Audit Tool on an annual or bi-annual basis to assess their level of family-centred care and what progress they are making. Units are asked to self-assess, rating themselves on a red-amber-green scale. They then complete action plans for amber and red categories to ensure these are turned into green areas of practice.

Babies and their parents will benefit as hospitals across the UK deliver consistently high quality clinical and family-centred care to premature and sick babies.

The benefits include: better long-term outcomes for babies, increased parental involvement and improved relations between parents and staff, as well as freeing-up nursing time, increasing productivity and boosting staff morale.

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