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About the Bliss Baby Charter

The Bliss Baby Charter and family-centred care

The Bliss Baby Charter is a practical framework for neonatal units to self- assess the quality of family-centred care they deliver against a set of seven core principles. It enables units to audit their practices and develop meaningful plans to achieve changes that benefit babies and their families. With the Bliss Baby Charter, units are given a clear focus that is based on and supports national standards and places families at the centre of the care for their baby (ies).  

The key principles are: 

  • Social, developmental and emotional needs
  • Decision making
  • Specialist services and staff
  • Benchmarking
  • Unit information and support
  • Feeding
  • Discharge   

Extensive research has shown that family-centred care, coupled with high quality clinical care, has huge benefits. It can lower a baby’s stress levels, shorten hospital stays, reduce hospital readmissions and improve long-term health outcomes. It helps parents bond with their baby and improves their confidence. Increased parental involvement in care also frees up nursing time and improves relations between parents and staff. This considerably boosts staff morale and increases productivity. 

How it works

The Bliss Baby Charter operates as a series of audits that your team complete collaboratively to self-assess the quality of family-centred care you deliver. You will complete an initial audit and from this make plans for improvements.

With support from your Bliss contact, you will work to make the planned improvements a reality before re-assessing your practice in a follow-up audit.

When a unit is working at a 90%+ green rating in each of the seven principles, Bliss will organise an assessment visit to observe and evaluate your family-centred approach to care in practice.    


Support from Bliss

The Bliss team are here to support you every step of the way. We will: 

  • Provide you with comprehensive feedback after each audit and best practice suggestions
  • Arrange unit and network visits
  • Send you our Bliss Journal with useful updates
  • Deliver mini-workshops
  • Give you letters of support

Feedback is provided from Bliss every step of the way and you can submit completed audits and queries to 

Register for the Bliss Baby Charter here


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