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United or City? Dad auctions son’s football allegiance

28 October 2014

Eddie Charters was born six weeks premature in March this year. He was jaundiced, had digestive problems, and in total spent four weeks in hospital. He’s now a healthy baby, and to say thank you, his dad Ian will be running the London Marathon for Bliss in April 2015. As part of Ian’s fundraising, he’s come up with the unusual idea of auctioning little Eddie’s football allegiance on eBay.

As their family live in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, Ian has decided to auction Eddie’s football allegiance between the two biggest football clubs in Manchester, Manchester United and Manchester City.

Ian says: “I live in Greater Manchester, but originally come from down south so I have no affiliation with either of the Manchester clubs.

“I’ll be fighting a losing battle trying to get my son to support my team (Watford), and frankly, I wouldn’t want to inflict that on the poor child anyway! I’ll get him the top and the curtains of the bid for the team that wins the auction, and take him to the odd game. I won’t be able to force him, but I’ll do all I can to encourage him.”

“I’m raising money for Bliss because I am very grateful for all the helpful information they provided over the time he was in hospital. I am also grateful for the work Bliss has done to improve standards in treatment for premature and sick babies and I want to contribute to their work.”

The auction ends on Monday 3 November, the day after Manchester United play Manchester City in the Barclays Premier League on Sunday 2 November. Visit the eBay listing for your chance to influence Eddie’s football future


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