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Song inspired by lead singer’s daughter raises money for Bliss

25 November 2014

Bliss is delighted to announce that we will be receiving all the proceeds from the release of alternative folk band Lanyard’s new song, Grace.

The song was inspired by the premature birth of lead singer Andy McKerlie’s daughter Grace, who was born at 25 weeks gestation. She was critically ill and spent over three months in hospital, only coming off oxygen the day before she left.

Andy said, “The song is my way of capturing a snapshot of the feelings experienced throughout her time in neonatal care. The song tells the listener of the conflict between a thought of expecting to take home a healthy baby at full term, but you are actually thrown into a world which you have no knowledge of and ultimately feel helpless.”

You can listen to the song on YouTube or purchase it on iTunes. To find out more about the band you can visit their Facebook page here.


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