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MPs call for better NHS bereavement care

03 November 2015

MPs Will Quince and Antionette Sandbach gave speeches in the House of Commons last night to highlight the importance of care for parents following the loss of a baby in a touching debate on bereavement care in maternity units.

Will Quince MP talked movingly about his baby being stillborn at full-term after being diagnosed with Edwards syndrome and how important a bereavement suite and midwife were to him and his wife.

He stressed that there must be provision, facilities and trained staff for parents to assist families during the extremely difficult time after the loss of a baby.

Antoinette Sandbach MP told the emotional story of losing her son to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and the importance of the provision of psychological support for families who have suffered loss.

She highlighted the findings of Bliss Baby report 2015: hanging in the balance, which found that 41 per cent of neonatal units nationally say that parents have no access to a trained mental health worker, with 30 per cent of neonatal units saying that parents have no access to any psychological support at all.

The Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Health Services, Ben Gummer MP, responded, saying “They have raised the issue just at the right time, and I hope we will be able to incorporate the larger part of what they have said within our policy formulation pretty quickly.

“It is clear from all their comments that there is much to do in this important area. I give an initial commitment that I will try to address all those things in the months ahead.”

For parents who have lost their baby and are looking for support please visit our website or call our helpline on 0808 801 0322.


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