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Mother’s Day is around the corner

19 March 2014

When Angela went for a regular maternity check-up, she never imagined the doctors would decide her baby needed to be delivered straight away. The doctors quickly talked through the dangers such a small baby could face, from infections to lung problems. Baby Ben was born half an hour later, and whisked into intensive care.

“Everything had happened so quickly,” Angela recalls. “We were so scared for him, and we had no idea what lay ahead of us. All we could do was take one day at a time.” Angela and Ben were lucky enough to get great care, but his little life was in constant danger. “I sat by the incubator, listening to the beeps of the machines that were helping keep Ben alive. He developed an infection at two weeks old that made him so poorly the doctors thought he might die. Those 24 hours were the scariest of our lives.”

Bliss helped answer some of the questions Angela had, and gave her the courage to cope. Thankfully Ben recovered and was able to go home at last.

This Mother’s Day Angela will be enjoying her day with baby Ben.

Help us make sure we can be there for all babies born too soon, too small, too sick and their families so they can enjoy every Mother’s Day.


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