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Larger units provide better outcomes

07 July 2014

New research published today in the BMJ Open, has shown that larger units give better outcomes for preterm babies. The researchers found that premature babies admitted to high volume neonatal units were less likely to die than those admitted to low volume units.

The researchers collected data from 165 out of the 174 neonatal units in England for three years and looked at the outcomes for babies who were born into different sized hospitals. They found that babies born before 33 weeks had a 32 per cent better chance of survival if they were admitted to a larger, high-volume unit when they were born, for babies born before 27 weeks the effect was even greater, with odds of dying halving when admitted to a high volume neonatal unit.

Bliss believes that every baby deserves the best possible start to life, and this includes making sure that they are born in a hospital best equipped to deal with their medical needs.


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