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18 February 2014

The countdown has begun to the launch of our new campaign, 'It’s not a game: the very real costs of having a premature or sick baby.' Our campaign aims to limit the financial pressure thousands of families face every year when their baby is being treated in neonatal care, and we need as many people as possible to get involved now.

The quickest way to join in and make a big difference is to join our Thunderclap. This is a way a large group of people can use social media to get their message heard by a larger audience. Everyone who signs up to our Thunderclap will have our campaign status shared on their Twitter or Facebook at exactly the same time. Think of it as a social media flash-mob – we will create a social media storm that cannot be ignored!

There’s also still time to ask your MP to come to our campaign launch, drop them an email and let them know that you think it’s important they are there.

There are many things parents will worry about when their baby is admitted to neonatal care; whether they can afford to be there shouldn’t be one of them. Our campaign will show that this is real money and these are real lives, it is #notagame


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