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Important statistics to continue

14 February 2014

Last year the Office for National Statistics (ONS) announced that vital statistics on how many babies are born premature each year and how many of these lose their fight for life, risked being cut. This would have been a huge step backwards for Bliss and all the families and babies we represent.

There were three sets of statistics under review that were of particular concern to us, because of the impact on our work:

Statistics on Gestation-specific Births and Infant Deaths in England and Wales

Statistics on Childhood, Infant and Perinatal Mortality in England and Wales

Statistics on Unexplained Deaths in Infancy in England and Wales

These figures help us understand the number of families having a premature baby or suffering the loss of a child and allow us to provide the best support possible for babies and their parents.

Together with other concerned charities and supporters, we lobbied the ONS and parliamentarians to save these statistics and today we had some fantastic news. The stats are safe!

Bliss’ Campaigns and Policy Manager, Rebecca Rennison, said:

“We are absolutely thrilled that the ONS has decided to continue to produce these statistics that are so important in ensuring the best possible care for premature and sick babies and their families. We would like to thank all our supporters for their help in showing how important this data is.”


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