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EPICure research published this week

07 March 2014

Research into caring for extremely premature babies, born before 27 weeks, has been published today in the journal Archives of Childhood Disease. The EPICure studies are some of the biggest and longest running of their kind in the world. Bliss has been involved in this ground-breaking research since it first began 19 years ago.

The results from the EPICure 2 study, looked at the care of babies born extremely preterm right across the NHS and has shown where care can be improved. The study found that only 56 per cent of babies born before 27 weeks were born in a hospital equipped to provide them with the level of care they need, and recommended in clinical guidelines.

Following children from birth to their 19th birthday EPICure has helped to give some incredible insights and helped to revolutionise our understanding of extreme prematurity. We are incredibly proud to support this excellent research that will help many babies born too soon, too small, too sick.


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