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Bliss welcomes smoking bans news

28 March 2014

An international study published in the Lancet medical journal
on Friday 28 March suggests that laws banning smoking have had a positive impact on child health. Researchers have found a 10% reduction in premature births and severe childhood asthma attacks within a year of laws banning smoking in public places coming into force.

In the study, researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Maastricht University, Hasselt University in Belgium, Harvard Medical School, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital looked at more than 2.5 million births and almost 250,000 hospital attendances for asthma attacks in children.

Bliss welcomes the results of this study.

Bliss Chief Executive Andy Cole said, “This is extremely positive news. The results of this study show that public smoking bans are helping to improve the health of children and babies, and it is very encouraging that the UK is among the 16% of countries with smoke-free regulation that should help cut the rates of babies being born too soon, too small or too sick.”

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