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Bliss responds to reports questioning benefits of delaying school

16 March 2015

In response to recent media reports on a research study published last month which questioned the benefits of delaying school, Bliss Campaigns and Policy Manager Helen Kirrane said,

“While this research provides some welcome new information on the importance of early learning opportunities and support, the study relies on data from Germany where children start school aged 6, whereas in England children are expected to start school at a much younger age. The research paper did not address how significant this age difference is for children born premature in terms of their development relative to others in their expected year group, or the ways in which the early years education systems differ between the two countries.

For these reasons we question the application of the study's conclusions to premature born children starting school in England now. Bliss believes that children born premature must each be treated as individuals and given the option to delay their school entry until they are developmentally ready.”


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