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Bliss presents awards to supporters

04 June 2014

On Thursday, at City Hall in London Bliss took the opportunity to thank some of the incredible and devoted people who help make our work possible. Bliss Chair of trustees Keith Soper presented seven awards to those who were nominated for their outstanding contribution to Bliss as well as one special certificate in memory of an amazing fundraiser who sadly passed away a few years ago.

Making a Difference Award winner: AbbVie

One company who has been of great support to Bliss for more than 10 years is AbbVie. In that time they have donated over £250,000 towards our work.

Making a Difference Award winner: Phil Crisp

Phil’s daughter Tamsin was born at just 2lbs 2 oz. Since then Phil has given incredible amounts back to Bliss, he’s one of our most active and long term supporters having raised an amazing £15,500.

Making a Difference Award winner: Graeme Vousden

Having had a premature baby and fighting to delay his own son’s school start, Graeme has campaigned tirelessly for greater flexibility and has worked with his local MP, civil servants and Bliss to secure new advice for Learning Authorities to help parents delay their child’s entry.

Improving Care Award winner: Dr Colin Morgan

Dr Colin Morgan is a consultant neonatologist at Liverpool Women’s Hospital and led the Bliss funded research project SCAMP, which showed that improving the nutritional content of intravenous feeds of very early babies improves early head growth, which has a strong link to increased neuro-developmental outcomes.

Special Dedication to Families Award winner: Jade Caddick

Jade volunteers as a Bliss Buddy at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham and is integral in providing information and support to parents and families with a baby on the unit.

Special Dedication to Families Award winner: Sarah Connelly

Both of Sarah’s daughters Nadia and Rosa were born prematurely and are having ongoing treatments, meaning Sarah spends time going back and forth to Great Ormond Street for regular appointments. Despite her busy schedule, Sarah gives Bliss a huge amount of her time and energy.

Outstanding Contribution Award winner: Natalie Anderson

In June last year Natalie made her debut on the television show, Your Face Sounds Familiar, and went on to win the grand final of the series. Natalie also put her musical talent to use to support us by performing at a music night in Leeds, organised by Bliss Leeds’ Helen Jackson. In all, Natalie helped raise over £85,000 in 2013.

Special certificate in memory of Antz Males

Antz Males was a Royal Air Force Search & Rescue Winchman who had a close affinity with Bliss. Antz was of one of our most committed fundraisers who sadly passed away in July 2012. He took part in 5 different marathons and raised over £7,000 making a massive difference to the lives of premature and sick babies all over the UK. This special certificate was awarded to Antz’s two children Macy and Jack in honour and memory of their amazing father.



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