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The Great Wall of China Trek

Stretching 6,000km in a dotted line across China, the Great Wall was begun in the fifth century BC. As it snakes across the mountains, it conjures up a sense of history which is difficult to grasp until you have had the opportunity to experience it.

Our trek is very varied, as we pass through woodland and terraced farmland, and follow the contours of the beautiful hills and mountains in remote areas north of Beijing. We follow old sections of the Great Wall, as well as restored sections with smooth flagstones and lots of steps!

This challenge is physically demanding and offers fabulous scenery and a fascinating insight into a rich culture and history.

Dates for 2017:

14th April (10 days)

15th September (10 days)

6th October (10 days)

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China Date and time 20 July, 2016 00.00 - 01 January, 2018 00.00
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