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Have you ever considered what it would be like? Jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the sky and experiencing the incredible rush as you dive into the air and freefall towards the earth, followed by the tranquility when the canopy opens, gliding for a mile until your feet finally reach the ground. Turn your sponsored skydive for Bliss into a reality.

What to do next:

- Find out more about skydiving for Bliss with the London Parachute School or Skyline

- Pick a date and location to suit you

Book your jump

- Let us know that you've booked your jump so we can send you everything you need to fundraise for Bliss

All you have to do is raise £400 and you won’t have to pay a penny for your parachute jump.

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UK, UK Date and time 01 January, 2018 00.00 - 31 December, 2018 00.00
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