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Father's Day Appeal

For many dads this Father’s Day will be spent in hospital, in fear that their baby may not make it home. Watching your baby fight for survival is one of the hardest things a father will ever have to do. That’s why Bliss is there to support premature and sick babies and their families through the most difficult time imaginable.

Bliss is there for Dads like Richard Uffendell, whose three daughters were all born early. 

“My first daughter Isla arrived almost nine weeks early and although she thrived initially, she developed Meningitis. These were the darkest days for my wife and I as we were told to prepare for  the worst.

During this time, Bliss and the neonatal nurses cared not only for our very poorly daughter but also for us. They offered us empathy and compassion and picked us up when we were crumpled on the floor.

Isla came home just shy of her due date and we are incredibly grateful.”

Richard Uffendell, dad to Isla born at 31 weeks, Bo born at 34 weeks and Aoife born at 32 weeks.

But we need your help. Please make a donation of £15 or whatever you can afford, so that babies like Isla have the best chance of surviving and being with their dad on Father’s Day.

Every donation made for Father’s Day will make a difference to the lives of babies and the dads who rely on us to be there for them, whether through our helpline, volunteers or specially-trained Bliss Nurses. So please make your gift today.

Bliss is strongly aware that every day, many people will be going through a difficult time due to having a premature or sick baby. If you or your family have been affected and feel that Bliss could help, please contact the Bliss helpline.

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£10.00 Thanks to Mrs sharon jackson 22 June 2015
£48.00 Thanks to Mrs Julia Hyland 19 June 2015
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Rebecca Archer 18 June 2015
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Ruth Byrne 18 June 2015
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Sharrie Pharoah 13 June 2015
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 12 June 2015
£5.00 Thanks to Mrs Tina Pinniger 12 June 2015
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