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Christmas appeal 2014

You probably have your own special reason for supporting Bliss. Lily is mine. Because when she was born six weeks early, I honestly thought she was going to die. Before they whisked her away to intensive care, I had the chance to give her one little kiss. As the doors to the operating theatre closed between us, I remember thinking, is that the only kiss I’ll ever be able to give you?

In the traumatic weeks that followed, I used to gaze at her, so tiny, so vulnerable, her little lungs working so hard for every breath. I’d think to myself, my precious little girl, how on earth will you possibly make it? Yet Lily did make it – and I know that the life-saving care she received owes a lot to the fantastic work done by Bliss.

Please will you make a gift of £10 to support Bliss this Christmas? The more money they can raise, the more babies will survive and go on to thrive.

The more funding and support Bliss can find, the more babies like Lily will be able to enjoy a truly happy Christmas with their families too.

Thank you.

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