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28 September 2012

Starting primary school

A small number of children born prematurely encounter difficulties in joining school at their designated time, as it’s not always suited to their needs at that time. To help give advice on what would be best for your child, Bliss has now updated its Deferring and Delaying primary school resource pack which explains some of the options available to parents in this situation.

The pack outlines advantages and disadvantages and is intended to help if you feel your child will benefit from deferring or delaying their school entry. The pack lists several different possibilities; however, it does not mean that your child will be affected by any or all of these issues because each child is an individual.

A Bliss supporter said: “This is an excellent resource pack. I am Foundation Stage Teacher and didn’t know the exact rules for deferring or delaying entry to school. It raises all the issues and answers any questions you could possibly have. Brilliant – well done Bliss! A must read for anyone with an ex-premature child of preschool age”

Download the pack here

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